To Oil or Not To Oil

Hello Friends,

Recently I have come across a very interesting question...

"If I am already using a beard/mustache wax, why should i use beard oil as well?"

As a guy who uses both let me tell you that the combination is dynamite for me and my beard. I have your traditional hipster beard and top comb over with shaved sides. I tell you this to illuminate a better picture of my morning routine. When I wake up I do as all men do, Shit, Shower, and Shave, just in my case i replace the latter with beard care. How you take care of your beard is exactly how your beard will present itself to the world, and like the chiles in the Southwest, if you neglect them they will turn dastardly and gruesome. So here it is......

Finding the Balance

This is my optimal combination of beard product attributes.

In conclusion, both products will allow you smooth, condition, and make your beard more malleable. I prefer to not take any chances and not deprive my face of any possible nutrients. 

Beard Strong - CJ, Co-Founder

 Photo By: Alicia Padilla Photography

Photo By: Alicia Padilla Photography

1) After showering, I towel off my beard and hair

2) I apply my desired scent of beard oil (My Favorite Oil

3) Use a stickier Palmade (Something like this) (In my experience it took me a long time to find just the right hold and consistency for my look and hair type)

4) Now wash your hands

5) Shave off your beard wax with your thumb nail, and apply to any squiggles that seem to be out of place. (My favorite wax

6) rub any additional wax into your head hair as to not waste anything.