Know Your Oil Series Intro:

Almost every beard oil / beard product brand out their uses the same, slightly differentiated recipe. With most every other Beard Oil you can find online, they are loaded with 100% all natural oils that have been used individually for many centuries.

GREAT!, thats all we need right? 

Answer:    False.

-----------------Well that isn't the only thing you should be looking for in an oil.------------------- 

 The problem with most oils lie with the absorbency. The oil that you are lathering up on your face finds its origins in women's haircare products. For oils, they most closely represent leave in conditioners most common to maintaining a voluminous head of hair. (If you haven't ever heard of this, ask someone with a full ponytail for advise)

Starting today, for the next week, We here at Big Top will be taking you through every carrier oil's 

  1. Pros and Cons. 

  2. Best Practices.

  3. What To Look For. 

  4. Why We Do or Do Not Use Them. 

So stay tuned and comeback daily for your daily beard Knowledge. 

Stay Bearded Friends,

CJ Schero