The Beard Care Revolution

While the world may be starting to move on from the "Lumber-Sexual" phenomenon, for us beard enthusiasts, our beard is a part of our everyday life.  As beardsmen, we live and let grow. We are more concerned with filling in the patchiness, of our aspiring "Zues-esque" whiskers, than worrying about being clean shaven.

The growth of facial hair was originally a way humans adapted to maintain a neutral skin temperature. The civilizations that settled closer towards the north and south poles became critically acclaimed for their man scruff, (I.E. Vikings), but where does the beard play a role in the world today?

We have spoken to many a bearded fellow about why it is that they have chosen to grow a beard, and many proclaim that it is simply a mark of past generations. As co-founders of Big Top Beard Company, Luke and I grow ours as more of an ever changing fashion statement. One day we could be rocking the "full shield" while the next could bring a mighty handle bar mustache. The presence of a beard, not only compliments and completes most looks, but also catches peoples eye and holds their attention. 

So great, you can grow a beard, FANTASTIC! What we ask next is, "What is the number one thing people say about your manly mane?" If you are, for the most part, hearing negative remarks from bosses and loved ones, possibly imploring you to "tidy up", or even worse "shave it off", then you have come to the right place, or at least the right industry. In the coming weeks we will be diving into: 

1) How to properly maintain your face forest

2) Softening and grooming

3) What to expect after going from bearded bush to dauntlessly dapper

But for now, I can share just one major piece of advice for every mans beard health and grooming needs. 


Even if you leave our blog to never return, please heed this one piece of advice; get a comb and start taming that mane. As is true with any type of hair; not combing/brushing will leave you with a dreaded and tangled mop. Don't just take my word for it, here is what Grant Romundt, Founder of and Scissorboy TV, an online TV Series for Hairstylists, has to say:

"Males and females alike can have extremely tight curls or extremely thick hair that needs to be combed through in order to stay healthy."

When asked online by a writer on - view the full Q&A here -

Now, if a dreadlocked beard is the look you aspire to, then by all means keep rocking that scraggly crumb catcher and disregard my advice. However, if dapper, eye catching, bristles is more your style, then get to brushing ol' chap. 

Beard on Gents,


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