Why you should buy higher priced Beard Products?

Hello, my name is C.J., one of the main contributors to Big Top Beard Companies Blog. I wanted to address a few things that we have been hearing about Beard Oil and our products in general. 

(I could start this off by giving you some sly explanation of why "all of our products are perfection" or some other canned pitch, but I want to keep this professional and really add some incite to my fellow beardsman.) 

First, as disparaging as it might sound, although hair products for your beard are now common place, they are ultimately unnecessary! Yes every beard blog will tell you that "a specific native tribe of some land has been growing beards and using oils as conditioners for years" BUT WHO CARES, and WHY DOES THAT RELATE TO ME! (Which I will get to very soon.)

I hear all the time:

"My beard is just hair that grows from my chin that I just choose to not shave, unless I have too." 


"I have been growing a beard for 30+ years and never needed an oil, so why now?"

And you are probably thinking the same thing, right? Why should I groom something that grows naturally and shows how manly me and my blood line is? 

------ I will answer with a story -------

Once upon a time, two lanky bartenders at a small, but popular bar in Las Cruces, NM (google it) started to grow some pretty substantial face foliage. Their bosses did not approve, as they were a very "clean cut" family from the high desert of Albuquerque. So, the time came when the owner of the restaurant came in and told the bartenders to either clean up their faces, or get out! 

If you have ever grown, and thought you looked good with a beard, you know how hard it is to go through such a dramatic change of mirror scenery. 

Then something amazing happened, Bartender 1 noticed an add for a "discount beard oil company" that would deliver "PREMIUM Oil" right to your door, every month no less. Bartender 1 ordered quickly to make sure that he could get his beard cleaned up before he had a chance to be fired. He also told the other, Bartender 2, and just squeezed by the mark of termination. 

After many moons of consistent use of the "premium oil" however, the two bartenders felt really greasy. (Physically, not metaphorically) The contents of the oil stuck around for much longer than expected and left them with a beard that was 1) not stroke-able and 2) made them smell like they had been chopping wood, instead of making drinks. (also, slippery "premium oil" hands are not conducive for juggling bottles in the air) 

So, the boy saved their beards but those beards were drowning in the prescribed amount and even less then they had been told to use. The problem solvers that they were, decided to prefect the the oil and make it their own. After, some carrier oil testing, and some intensive research. the boys found that the main ingredient from the "Premium Oil" bottle was a blend of Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oils. Both, through research, were found to be used mostly in "overnight hair masks" meaning, to reap the rewards of using such a high ratio of them, you needed to let them sit, untouched, for many hours.


Oh, and the best beard tutorials also said that with most oils you need to BLOW DRY your beard to work those types of oils in faster, if they are the main ingredients!!!

"Are you joking?" the boys thought, "I want to just keep it in my car and slap it on 30 seconds before I got in, not 3 hours > then Blow dry > then go to work." they exclaimed! 

The Sweet Almond, and the Jojoba craze needed to be drawn back in a bit, but what to use for the headline of their own oil? Then, Bartender 2 came across Hemp Oil. After doing some quick tests on his own beard, the oil basically evaporated into his beard and he couldn't believe that he got the same beard benefits without all the grease. 

--------Long Story Short---------

The key to finding a truly "Premium Oil" is in the amount of product testing and care put into the product itself. First, Most larger companies don't take the time to make their oils in a small batch system (we hand label ours) because they want to maximize the profits and don't care exactly what oil you are getting. With a small batch system, you can know that nothing has distilled away, and left you with a Jojoba heavy or Sweet Almond heavy oil.

Second, the scent is key! you want to be able to be proud of your oil and also not lose the scent do to applying heat to your hair. (Which you already know, HEAT KILLS HAIR) 

Third, if the oil doesn't absorb as promised, then it might as well come with a mud mask and a towel to put your hair up with, cause no one likes to roll with a wet greasy beard. NO ONE! Do your loved ones like to curl up on the couch with your wet dog that smells like he was rolling around in a swamp NO! 

So, do yourself a favor. Take my advice, and get an oil that will actually nourish your beard to the fullest in the shortest amount of time. Shell out the extra bones for some of our Charmer Beard Oil  and get to on doing the other things in life, because no one likes to spend time getting ready to go out waiting on a Blow Dryer to free up. 


CJ Schero