Day 6: Grape Seed Oil

What Is It? Grape Seed Oil, or Grape Oil, is simply the made by pressing the seeds of grapes, which makes it an abundant by-product of wine making. 

Where Does It Come From? Very common in the world today. Basically, if you are in a grape growing region of the world (California, Arizona, Nevada, France, Italy) you can be sure to fine Grape Seed Oil. 

Beard Pros> Grape Seed Oil, is known for its strengthening and revitalization of existing hair follicles. Grape Seed also contains a strong amount of Vitamin E which controls moisture of the skin and also prolongs the shelf life of the oil. 

Beard Cons> Grape Seed is extremely common in the market and is easily found in bulk. What does this mean for you?

  1. It is a cheaper base carrier that is a good base but a lesser quality to the others we have listed in the previous days. 

DiYer Beard Tips: This is a cheap oil with basic benefits. That means that if you are looking to just build a quick oil, it can be used a very good filler, but it definitely will not be the shining star of your recipe. 

CJ Schero