Day 5: Coconut Oil

What is it> There are two types of coconut oil. 

  1. That comes from the low grade flesh pressings of a mature coconut, it doesn't add many benefits to hair health and takes a long time from farm to table.
  2. "Cold pressing virgin certified organic" - This is the bare bones of refining and all you really want. This version of the oil will give you the most benefits of any coconut product. 

Where does it come from> As you can see from the map below, the biggest producers of coconuts in the world are

  1. Indonesia 
  2. The Philippines
  3. India
  4. Sri Lanka 
  5. Brazil  

Beard Pros> Coconut oil  has proven time and time again to soften, moisturize, and add a healthier appearance to your beard. Also, coconut oil cleanses your face and promotes solid hair growth. 

Beard Cons> The only con we can find is that coconut oil can also be used as an alternative to shaving cream, which we never recommend shaving your beard! But if you must then we guess this negative doesn't really count. 

DIYers and making your own oil> Be cautions of what type you are buying (Listed above). You will literally get what you pay for in this regard. Also there are some "virgin coconut oils" that are labeled at 98 degree, this simply means that that is the lowest liquified temperature you can achieve. So, if your oil were to breach that temp and drop below 98 then the coconut oil will distill from the rest of the oil and float on top creating a blockage in the top of your bottle. 

We recommend only using coconut oil for your beard wax or butter product, as it is not a true "oil".   

CJ Schero