Day 4: Argan Oil

What is it> This is the oil that comes from pressing the Argan fruit. Argan is most known for it being rich with Vitamin A and E, as well as loaded with anti-oxidants and Omega-6 fatty acids. Applying Argan Oil to face and skin will mainly moisturize and revitalize your skin. 

Where is it from> The Argan tree is indigenous to the Argan Forest of Morocco. (If you didn't know Morocco is at the very NorthWest of Africa.

Beard Pros > As we said before, Argan Oil is a major moisturizer for your skin. This is also a very good foundation builder for your carrier oil base. Argan Oil is one of the best oils to fight acne, so you can bank on never getting a beard pimple while using this oil. For our hybrid beard readers, (Someone who both shaves their upper cheek and neck and maintains a larger beard.) GOOD NEWS, Argan Oil will help to alleviate any razor-burn from that shave. No one ever said that your beard oil could splash over to the rest of your face! 

Beard Cons > Their isn't much bad about Argan Oil. The only thing is that is it one of the most expensive oils of the whole series. So while yes it does work wonders, it doesn't work in keeping your wallet healthy as well. 

DIYer Tips > Argan Oil blends nicely with other oils, if brewed correctly. If you do not raise your oil temps to the same temp and mix at the same temp, Argan oil tends to settle away from other oils that are not mixed well. 

CJ Schero