Day 3: Sweet Almond Oil

What is it > Sweet Almond Oil is the oil obtained from cold-pressing only edible almonds, simple as that. Sweet Almond is most known for containing Vitamin E and other mono-saturated which means it works wonders on your skin and hair alike. 

Where does it come from > The almond tree was first domesticated and produced as a crop all around the Mediterranean. They were selectively cultivated for their sweet taste and such the given name. 

Beard Pros > Sweet Almond Oil is one of the best oils you can put on your face and in your hair. It deeply moisturizes the skin. This oil works wonders for your skin and really restricts hair loss. We like to think of the sweet almond oil as the "foundation" of any good oil as most of its benefits are towards the skin / the foundation of the hair follicle. Finally, it adds a very nice shine to complete its awesomeness. 

Beard Cons > WE GOT NOTHING! (This oil is a necessity)

Please note: Sweet Almond Oil has an evil twin in the fact that its counterpart, Bitter Almond Oil, of the bitter almond found growing in the wild. This oil is TOXIC and offers only negative things for the skin. 

DIYers and Beard Brewing Tip: We use Sweet Almond in every single one of our beard products. It mixes and blends very easily, and has no real odor so it is a perfect carrier for any essential oil / sent you wish to add.     

CJ Schero