Day 2: Castor Oil

Castor Oil is definitely our secret weapon when it comes to brewing our Beard, and especially our Growth oil. So lets dive in. 

What is it > Castor Oil is a thick vegetable oil that comes from the castor bean. The ornamental bush is picked of these "non traditional beans" and those are then cold pressed for their fatty acids.


Where Does it come from > The plant its self originates in the Southern Mediterranean Basin, Eastern Africa, and india.

Pros for your beard> Castor oil is known through out as having the ability to provide "Super Human" hair growth. With the oil containing Omega-6 acids, you will also be nourishing your hair to the fullest extent. Other pros are: it treats dandruff, promotes a fuller more robust mane and conditions the hair. (Also, it alleviates split ends) This stuff is almost MAGIC!  

Cons >  The only thing we see wrong with castor oil is it's room temperature viscosity. By that we mean, it carries a Honey-like texture. Oh, and it's not the worst smelling oil, but it is definitely not the best. 

DIY Beard Tips> Use Castor Oil! We use it in portions of up to 50% of some of our recipes so we highly recommend it. 

More hair Tips> Our newest friends at Hair Loss Revolution did an excellent right up of how else you can utilize Castor oil and you can catch that article here.




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CJ Schero